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MetaLogic Innovations Ltd.

Registration number: 14937576

MetaLogicSoft is an independent software development company. We are a small team of young professionals who try to have the necessary knowledge to create competitive software constantly. We create with a commitment to the rule that the best recommendation is a satisfied user.

We listen to your feedback and update our applications regularly to give you the best possible experience. Almost everything we do today is driven by customer feedback.

Our mission

We want to design software that comfortably guides users from start to finish. Life in the digital world can be challenging and frustrating. We want to show our customers the sunny side of software: Intuitive, logical, and engaging. That’s why we’re constantly in touch with you, our customers, to tailor our software to your needs.

Who we are?

MetaLogicSoft¬†is made up of 5 highly different personalities that still harmonize wonderfully together, based on respect and a shared common vision, create really great software with a small team of specialists. Since our communication paths are brief, our response times are short and our decision making flexible. That’s likely one the reasons our ears are always open to the needs of our customers. Once we’ve taken an idea into our heads, we’ll go all out. And you can install the result on your PC right now!

What we do?

We’ve all seen programs that require constant studying of manuals to get somewhere. We want to achieve the exact opposite with our software!

MetaLogicSoft programs are designed to be easy to understand and use while employing state of the art technology. This applies to all of our products. Only when you achieve great results quickly and comfortably will we have succeeded in our mission.

Last updated November 18, 2023