MetaLogic Bulk Email Validator

Meet the high performance email validation tool. Bulk Email Validator is a simple yet powerful tool for validating emails and excluding fake email addresses.
MetaLogic Bulk Email Validator

We all know that one of the newest marketing methods is email marketing which has a magical effect on improving businesses and accelerating the organizational affairs of companies. But any email marketer or professional email user who wants to send emails in mass multitude by giving his list to email sending centers should know which of those email addresses is real and thus effective in the results and which of them are fake addresses that should be omitted from the list. Detecting fake emails can significantly help organizations be more frugal and most influential in email marketing. This is where we help you find the best way to differentiate between valid and fake emails as quickly as possible.

The answer is MetaLogic Bulk Email Validator!

The answer is obvious; this is where any email marketer or IT specialist, or any digital marketing manager needs a bulk email spam checker to analyze and sort fake and spam addresses and validate his email list, which makes the marketing process economical and more effective.

What is MetaLogic Bulk Email Validator?

This email list validation tool is a software with simple instructions that its primary duty is validation. This software is an exact tool that can find and omit fake and invalid email addresses from your list by analyzing DNS and other validation factors. In other words, the input of this app is a mass list of emails, and its output is valid and official emails by given factors. You can use this list for your email marketing or other activities related to contacts and subscribers like informatics.

Why MetaLogic Bulk Email Validator is the best choice for you?

An introduction to programs environment

As mentioned before, this program is straightforward and does not require complicated instructions; therefore, we will discuss the app’s environment and menus in the following.

How does MetaLogic Bulk Email Validator work?

To put it simply, it is super easy. After purchasing and installing, the product can be opened with just a few clicks. After opening, you will see this window.

1. Enter your list of emails in the input box
2. Apply your desired settings

In the middle of the screen, you see the part for setting consisting of different filters which should be completely learned to work with the app therefore, we are going to explain these parts for you to have the best experience within the software.

2-1. Validation Level

Syntax Validation: This validation level checks email addresses for syntax errors, analyze the punctuation marks, and verifies them if they are correct. An interpreter or compiler does this level of validation.

Mail Exchange Records Validation: In this level, the email validator tries to verify emails based on email exchange records. It analyzes the list to find addresses that are fake and don’t have any actual records.

SMTP Connection Validation: SMTP is a system for sending emails in considerable quantities. This validation level checks your list from SMTP’s point of view to see if they can be connected to SMTP or not.

Mailbox Validation: This level checks the mailbox to see if your emails can be sent via SMTP or not.

2-2. Other Options

Deep mailbox check option: The app will check the mailbox in full detail by turning this option on.

Use mail exchange record cache option: By activating this option, the email validator uses saved cache files of exchanged emails to accelerate the validation process.

Multi-thread option: By ticking this option, you will benefit from the multi-thread validation process.

3. Results Section

In this part of the software, you can start the validation process after setting your preferred filters by pressing the Start Validation button and seeing the list of validated and invalid emails.