MetaLogic Diagram Designer

Meet the best diagram and flowchart designer software. By using MetaLogic Diagram Designer, you can create diagrams and flowchart as fast and simple as possible.
MetaLogic Diagram Designer

MetaLogic Diagram Designer is a light software with a simple UI. By using this powerful product, you can design diagrams, organizational graphs and any abstract visual in your mind. It also has simple and useful tools for creating geometric shapes to use in your graphs without any limit.

MetaLogic Diagram Designer, a software for all!

Considering its simple UI, this flowchart maker can be useful for any user regardless of their computer knowledge, even those with no software experience can use it for diagram design, vector graphs, flowcharts and charts.

What do you know about diagram designer's structure?

The good news for those users who want to create and design diagrams and flowcharts is that this has the simplest UI among other online and offline creative diagram design software. This product has quick installation and you can start your projects. These projects are saved in XML format and can be re-read anytime within the app and can be exported in any format you prefer.

MetaLogic Diagram Designer, light and powerful in designing diagram and flowchart

Small size and plentiful features are other advantages of this app. After running diagram designer, you can create any kind of diagram and flowchart you want. If you are a manager tending to make organizational diagrams, we recommend using this app since it doesn’t require professional computer knowledge and economizes your resources by dispensing you from assigning this task to your employees.

Functional features of MetaLogic Diagram Designer in creating diagram and flowchart

UI/UX of diagram designer is similar to Microsoft Word but there isn’t any complicated list of menus, you can see an optimized UI with compact and practical menus for picking shaped and getting started with your preferred diagram. Creating visual graphics and charts has always been an important part of student projects. Without the troubles of online limited options, you can do whatever that is in your mind with a few clicks.

MetaLogic Diagram Designer supports official international fonts

Diagram Designer is one of the famous and popular programs among professional essayists and freelancers. If you are a freelancer or essayists that uses chart you already know that not all the apps have a good support of Googles’ official fonts. But by using diagram designer, any professional essayist can use different options of local and international fonts for creating flowcharts.

MetaLogic Diagram Designer, the best software for creating diagrams and flowcharts

Huge features and its low size on disk can satisfy any windows user that looks for a compact and functional without limitations of other online programs. By using its internal converter, you can export your final project in any desired format like pdf, png, gif, jpeg and etc. Diagram Designer can help you perform accurately and smart through your projects.

What are the strengths of MetaLogic Diagram Designer?

An introduction to programs environment

As mentioned before, using this program is very simple and does not require complicated instructions therefore we will talk about the app’s environment and menus in the following.

MetaLogic Diagram Designer Menus

MetaLogic Diagram Designer Home Tab
MetaLogic Diagram Designer Insert Tab
MetaLogic Diagram Designer Design Tab
MetaLogic Diagram Designer View Tab

Export your diagrams as PDF SVG PNG JPEG BMP GIF

One of the special features of Diagram Designer which makes it a popular and well known is its exporting abilities which can be accessed by clicking on the purple button of save on top left. By clicking on export option, you will see various format options including pdf, png, jpeg and etc. and by you can in which format you want to save the project.

Shapes in MetaLogic Diagram Designer

MetaLogic Diagram Designer Shapes Basic
MetaLogic Diagram Designer Shapes SDL
MetaLogic Diagram Designer Shapes Flowchart
MetaLogic Diagram Designer Shapes Arrow
MetaLogic Diagram Designer Shapes Software
MetaLogic Diagram Designer Shapes Decorative

Shapes section of this program gives you the ability to pick your favorite shape needless of returning to main 6 tabs. With this feature you can have your most essential shapes and prevent a crowded screen full of distractions.