MetaLogic Bulk Video to Audio

Meet the best Bulk Video to Audio Convertor software. The main ability of this software is to convert a list of videos to audio. A light, smart and fast converter for you to download.
MetaLogic Bulk Video to Audio

What kind of software is MetaLogic Bulk Video to Audio, and how is it useful? If you have a problem with converting a mass amount of video files to audio and do not know which app is good for you, we are about to introduce a simple app that can end all your problems around converting video files.

Choose MetaLogic Bulk Video to Audio!

MetaLogic Bulk Video to Audio is a simple and light software that supports Microsoft Windows OS. This software can receive all your video files and batch extract audio from your video list. Fortunately, you can do a countless number of conversions. So, stay with us for more information about this useful and functional software.

How MetaLogic Bulk Video to Audio can help you?

You may not need this or even prefer online converting tools for converting a single video to audio. Still, when it comes to converting a mass number of videos, you may not only face limitations in the number of files you can upload, but you may also threaten your privacy by uploading a mass number of videos on online tool’s servers. In addition, other mass converting software in the market may be heavy and expensive, so it is better to choose MetaLogic Bulk Video to Audio over other options.

Let's know how MetaLogic Bulk Video to Audio works?

MetaLogic Bulk Video to Audio is a very small-sized software with high functionality. Using this software, you can convert a list of video files with various qualities to audio. The output format is adjustable to any supported format, including mp3, wav, m4a, etc., and it also saves the files in your preferred address as quickly as possible.

MetaLogic Bulk Video to Audio, the best option for mass conversion:

This software can satisfy any user with its advantages. Why you should use MetaLogic Bulk Video to Audio? It’s simple:

An introduction to programs environment

As mentioned before, using this program is very simple and does not require complicated instructions therefore we will talk about the app’s environment and menus in the following.

How to use MetaLogic Bulk Video to Audio?

As mentioned before, MetaLogic Bulk Video to Audio is a simple app. You can upload your files and get your intended results in just three steps. These steps are as follows:

First Step: Adding your video files

In this step, you can add your video files by clicking on add folder or add files and delete unintended files by clicking on the red icon on the top right.

Second Step: Adjusting the output

In this step, output options should be adjusted. The output format is for choosing your preferred format among mp3, Wav, Ogg, mp2, aac, FLAC, and m4a. You can also set your preferred bitrate and sample rate, set the channels in mono or stereo, or leave it to the software to automatically set them and even set the volume. You also have some limited advanced options like reverse, fade-in, and fade-out to apply to your audio files.

Export your videos as MP3 WAV OGG MP2 AAC FLAC M4A

Third Step: Setting the destination file of outputs

In the last part, you can finally save the files on the exact folder of your input file or, change that to a specified destination and by clicking of “Save Setting”, set it as your default. By clicking on the start process button, the procedure of converting initiates.